Tim and Cyn D Fiscus

For everyone, there comes a moment.
A moment when you know that change must happen.
You know it won’t be easy. You know you may want to quit…
And all you can do is hope that it’s worth it.

For Cyn D Fiscus, that moment happened at an appointment with her doctor. After the exam was complete, her physician looked Cyn D in the eye and said she was very concerned – that Cyn D was overweight, and it was getting serious.

No one had ever put Cyn D’s weight in those terms before – no one had talked about it in a way that scared her.
Cyn D and her husband Tim decided to do something about it – and do it together. One month after that doctor appointment both Cyn D and Tim started the Clean, Burn, Shape program. Together, they lived the next 100 days the Clean, Burn, Shape way – doing exactly as the program guide said to do.

Their results? More than they could have ever imagined.

Cyn D has lost nearly 40 pounds and dropped from a size 22 to a size 12. She finds herself lingering in front of the mirror in dressing rooms, still in shock that she can wear a size 12; that the beautiful woman looking back at her from the mirror is actually her.

Meanwhile, Tim took a different approach to finding clothes that fit; after losing nearly 50 lbs, Tim went to the depths of his closet, digging through piles of clothing that he had “outgrown.” In one day of “closet-shopping,” he gained 14 pairs of pants that used to be too small – and had to part with many other items that were simply too big for his new, slimmer self.

The Fiscus transformation has elicited many comments and words of encouragement from their friends and coworkers, but perhaps the most meaningful compliment of them all came from their young nephew, whom they adore… “Oh wow!” he exclaimed when he saw his beloved aunt and uncle. “Now you can live until you’re 100 at least! Please. Please live til 100.” That simple wish stole their hearts and fuels their fight. They each want to lose 20 more pounds so when they celebrate their 100th birthdays (several decades from now), they look good doing it!

For everyone, there comes a moment.
Even though it’s been hard. Even though you’ve wanted to quit…

Maybe it’s in a fitting room, watching your new self in the mirror.
Maybe it’s in your own closet, now filled with endless possibility.
Maybe it’s the look in your doctor’s eyes as she reads your blood work and smiles.

Or maybe it’s simply the face of a child – so happy that you might be on this earth for a 100 years or more…

And in that moment, you know it’s worth it.

Thank you Tim and Cyn D for sharing your moments with us.

What will your “worth it” moment be?

Results vary. Clients on the Clean, Burn and Shape Program can expect to lose 2.5 – 5.4 lbs during the first 10 days and 1.3 – 3.3 lbs per week for the remaining 90 days of the program.

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