Taco Tuesday

Yes, you can partake in TACO Tuesday on the Clean, Burn & Shape program. This recipe can be easily adapted for either the 10-Day (no animal protein), 30-Day Cycle, or Life program. To begin you will need:

1 Head of butter leaf lettuce
1 Can of beans (black or pinto)
Pico de Gallo (prepackaged or make your own: diced tomatoes, diced onions, chopped cilantro, lime, diced jalapeno to taste)
Avocado (a couple slices)
Chicken breast, lean ground beef, lean chopped steak, or fish (For 30 Day and Life Programs)

Here are the steps:
1. Simmer the beans to cook them down a bit
2. Prepare additional protein in a skillet or on a grill, season to taste.
3. Rinse and lay out 2-3 leaves of butter leaf lettuce…these are your “tortillas”.
4. Add beans, additional protein, then pico, top with avocado.

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