Heck Yes!

Shortly after my wife gave birth to our daughter, she started working out with a trainer. During one of their workouts, the trainer explained that my wife would never achieve a certain body weight. “That’s just not how your body is made. You’re just never going to be that thin.”

At the time, my wife didn’t think much of it. The number the trainer referred to WAS lighter than she’d ever remembered being and it seemed logical that it simply wasn’t a reasonable goal; that it wasn’t physically possible.

However, after several months and especially after the release of Clean, Burn, Shape, the trainer’s words started to agitate my wife. Had she just believed the story he told her? Could she break through the barrier he’d set and she’d accepted?

On New Year’s Eve, as we were discussing our financial, family, and fitness goals, my wife cautiously asked if I thought she could do the impossible.

Heck yes! I said.

For the next six months, my wife worked little by little, choice by choice to lose the few extra pounds that she’s been carrying as long as she can remember. Lettuce instead of tortillas, Shape instead of chocolate, veggies instead of pasta, following the CBS program like a champion. There were days she almost gave up, thinking her (former) trainer was right, but still she stuck to her plan and looked toward her goal.

I am thrilled to say that despite what her trainer told her, my wife has achieved her impossible goal and maintained it for 6 weeks.

She’s so proud. I am too. There’s nothing more gratifying than doing the impossible.

What impossible things will YOU do today? Go ahead – little by little, break down those barriers. Re-write those stories. Heck yes! I know you can do it.

~ Michael Hall

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