This is My Photo – Stacey Rodriguez

Stacey Rodriguez | Clean Burn & Shape

It was the quintessential spring break photo from the quintessential spring break. I was 18, a cheerleader, a gymnast, and a softball player. I had no respect for food because I didn’t have to. I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted and still dominate the beaches of Cancun. But I guess all spring… Read more »

This Is My Photo – Lue Haggerty

What was hot in 1994? Michael Jordan. Pearl Jam. Birkenstocks. And Lue Haggarty. A stunning blonde with an amazing shape and show-stopping smile, Lue was a sight to be seen and was on top of the world. She fell in love, ran a marathon, had two beautiful children and things… changed. She got too busy… Read more »

This is My Photo – Paul Chadwick

This is My Photo - Paul Chadwick - Clean Burn Shape

My name is Paul Chadwick and this is my photo. It was taken back in 1982 – but maybe you could have guessed that by our awesome hair. I’m the one on the far left. The one with the biggest smile. I was just out of college and I was playing in a rock band… Read more »

What’s Your Photo?

Clean, Burn and Shape

Take a moment and think… Have you ever had the experience where one day you looked in the mirror – and you barely recognized the person looking back at you? Maybe it was in the morning right after your shower or one evening before heading out with your spouse and even though you’ve looked at… Read more »