Richard Walsh

You would think as a personal trainer and the owner of a gym, I would be immune to weight gain. You would be wrong. For years I was able to keep my weight in check with extreme workouts. I boxed for almost two hours a day and I ran nearly 30 miles a week. I was literally outrunning… Read more »

Christi Mondi

There I was – bone tired, hormonal, and heavier than I had ever been. It was after the birth of my third child and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to catch my stride. Chasing two kids, a brand new baby the left over pounds from each pregnancy were heavy and weighing me down. I couldn’t sleep. I… Read more »

Randal Kobat

It was July, 2015. I had just a handful of days left to say I was “in my forties”. I wouldn’t say I dreaded turning the big 5-0… but there’s something about that birthday that makes you take a closer look at yourself. And I knew something needed to change. If I wanted 50 more birthdays, I was going… Read more »